The Mortal World

Oh, there's a lot of opportunities,
If you know when to take them, you know?
Oh, there's a lot of opportunities,
If there aren't, you can make them--
Make or break them...

--Pet Shop Boys, Opportunities

One big change from Masquerade to Requiem is the elimination of the Influence system--in its place is a less formal affair of Allies, Contacts, and Retainers. This encourages a more story-based method of resolving downtime actions, as opposed to the numbers game the old process sometimes turned into. Having said that, I will admit that nWoD could have gone into a bit more detail about the scope of these resources--thus, I am supplying some suggested areas of influence your PC might be interested, along with a few sample spheres of influence.

Politics & Religion
From secular to spiritual, someone is always trying to dictate how you should live your life, whether by passing laws or threatening your soul. Of course, if you're the one telling people what to do, this is a pretty sweet place to be.

High Society & High Finance
Never forget the golden rule--s/he who has the gold, makes the rules. London is one of the financial capitals of the world, as well as a center of culture and entertainment. Whether you control the purse strings, or are behind the latest voices influencing impressionable minds, power and influence follow in your wake.

Big Media
The idea of a free press is a foreign one in the UK--here, the government can and will slap news agencies with "D Notices" if there's a story they don't want covered. Which works out pretty well for the hidden population should someone misbehave. The rest of the time, these are the people who control the vertical, the horizontal--everything the mortals see and hear. From scathing reviews to biting commentary to hard-hitting investigative journalism, control the media, and you control what people think about (if not what they think).

Academia & the Occult

From chroniclers of history to explorers of the unknown, the only difference between being a respected academician and a fringe occultist is how accepted your chosen field is to the masses.

Police & the Underworld
Crime has come a long way from the sensational days of Raffles and Jack the Ripper-- fortunately, the police have also changed with the times, surpassing their reputations as bumbling Lestrades.

Commerce & Transportation
There are an estimated 20 million people living in the Greater London area, and they all have places to be and things to buy.